Thursday, April 30, 2009

Beaded Peyote Rattle..... Done!

I finally finished up the beadwork on the gourd rattle! It turned out fairly well, although Im not wild about the middle portion of beadwork (with the little white feathers going around) as the bead count going around was slightly off and that caused the pattern to not repeat evenly, but naturally I am inclined to notice every little flaw! I would also like to have worked more green beads into the design... perhaps I will revise it at some point. For the time being anyhow it will live quite happily next to the beaded Peyote prayer fan in its protective plexiglas case. Below is an installation view, and an unrelated view below that... a portion of my "sea curios" grouping that I just love looking at!

More posts to follow soon-ish! Thank You for visiting!


weirdwolf said...

Is this you house? Goodness Paul when are we going to shoot a There's No Place Like Here video? Soon I hope!

Paul Baxendale said...

Eek! It is my house... but unfortunately those are the only two walls fit to photograph... i'm afraid it wouldn't make for a very compelling TNPLH video. I love to watch the videos, though! Findermaker readers-- go see some terrific videos made by Tara at Etsy of creative people's home and work spaces:

Paul Baxendale said...
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Clare said...

Wow I love how you have displayed everything! It must be like living in a museum. I hope you manage to make the rest of your house look like this because I agree a TNPLH video would be fantastic! Have you ever been to England and visited John Soane's house in London or the Pitt Rivers museum in Oxford? If not I suggest you book a trip right away, you would love them and I think they're both free!

Clare said...

Just remembered too that opposite from John Soanes house is the Hunterian Museum, by the royal college of surgeons. In fact if you do ever pay a trip to England (if you haven't before) I will tell you all the many places you should visit!

Paul Baxendale said...

Hi Clare!

Thanks for the suggestions! I haven't yet been to England, but have a good friend in Bristol, and hope to make it over for a visit and tour of London before too long! Sadly, my home isn't as museum-y as I would like-- just the one room where those pictures were taken. Back when I lived in Chicago I did live in my very own medical museum, though... check out my HospitalMuseum blog ( for some pics and a link to the Chicago Reader article "Bedside Manor)! Thanks for looking at my blog and taking the time to comment!

All the Best,